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8th International Conference on Software Engineering & Computer Systems 2023 (ICSECS2023) - View Presenter Bio

Presenter: Safaa Bataieneh
Title: Real-Time Data Visualization and Analysis using ASP.NET Core's Tag Helpers in Business Intelligence Applications

Bio: Safa'a Bataieneh, a 21-year-old highly motivated and driven individual currently pursuing my Master's degree in Software Engineering at Philadelphia University. Prior to this, I earned my Bachelor's degree in the Software Engineering field from Al-Hussein Bin Talal University in March 2023, where I proudly achieved the top position in my class. With a strong passion for Software Engineering, I am constantly seeking opportunities to expand my knowledge and skills, particularly in the field of web development. As a learner, I have completed various programming courses, specializing as a Full-Stack Web Developer and Project Management Professional (PMP). Drawing upon my previous experiences, I am currently employed as a Software Developer at a reputable software company in Jordan. In this role, I leverage a diverse range of technologies, including C#, .NET framework, ASP.NET Core MVC, React, Angular, Rust Full API, Refine, Redux, Go, Oracle, SQL Server, Hasura, Blockchain, Windows,

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